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Burning Dragoons is one of the oldest guilds on Nagrand.  First and foremost we are a mature social guild, however, we do have experience in both 10 and 25 man raiding. 

We have stopped raiding for the remainder of Wrath, but are looking to recruit mature social players who are looking for casual fun and chatter (no, not THAT sort of casual fun - we aren't those sorts of people!)  We are looking to create a strong 10 man raiding team in Cataclysm, and are anticipating the challenge.

Should you be interested in joining BD, please apply via this website.  Should you have any questions, contact Saresa in game. 
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End of Days

Kloepta, Dec 22, 10 2:44 AM.
This site is defunct, BD has been disbanded. Thankyou all for the good times and memories.

Guild plans for Cataclysm

SaresaW, Jun 7, 10 6:13 AM.
As we all know, Cataclysm is rapidly approaching!

The following are my visions for the guild; however, I would love feedback from everyone.

1.  Ramping up recruitment: I have eased back on recruitment at this point in time, as most people who are looking for a guild are looking for a raiding guild at Lich King.  However, when the expansion comes out, I am hoping that there will be more people looking for a relaxed social guild, with the potential for 10 man raiding.

2.  10 man raids: I would eventually like to have a relaxed 10 man raid team.  Progression wont be a huge focus (raiding for the fun!), and I am hoping that all interested people get a go at raiding.  We will probably raid once to twice a week, and I don't forsee anything longer than 3 hours at a time.  Of course, people do not have to raid!

3.  Monthly random 'fun events'?: It would be nice to do something different and interesting once a month or so.  World PvP, or old raids, or achievements... whatever people would like.

4.  Increase forum participation: not quite sure how to go about this one, as it is a challenge for most guilds.  Perhaps some fun chat based activities?  /shrug

Love to know what everyone thinks! (and how many people are interested in casual raiding in Cata)

<3 Sar

Guild antics.

Kloepta, Feb 8, 10 8:42 PM.
Important info on the guilds future in the Members forums. This is a must read. Thankyou.

Lady (10) 13/12/09

Staris-nagrand, Dec 31, 09 10:16 AM.

Marrow (25) ground into bones! 9/12/09

Staris-nagrand, Dec 31, 09 10:02 AM.
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